Bladder Leakage and You

  • On August 23, 2018
Understanding Urge Incontinence A Note from Dr. Vanderloos When I hear the TV announce that bladder leakage is just part of aging, I go crazy. THERE IS SO MUCH THAT CAN BE DONE! Bladder leakage causes women to cringe and not want to leave the house (many will not) and start to limit day-to-day activities. […]
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Reusable Vaginal Ring for Women

  • On August 17, 2018
What is Annovera? A Note from Dr. Vanderloos I am constantly pleased to read of new methods of contraception, giving women more control over their bodies. Just approved by the FDA this week, is Annovera, a reusable vaginal ring which will likely hit pharmacy shelves in 2019 or 2020. It is the first vaginal ring […]
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