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Dr. Vanderloos is dedicated to helping her patients from Shreveport area live healthier lives. She offers annual well-woman appointments and weight management guidance as needed or requested.

What are Well-Woman exams?

Each year a woman should meet with her doctor to review her health and wellbeing. Many women use this opportunity to have any necessary screenings done like pap exams, mammograms, blood pressure, and lipid panels. These visits are good for monitoring any changes in a woman’s health. Regular testing and screening can help to identify health issues in early stages when they are often easier to treat. The doctor will also weigh and measure her patients to help track and manage a healthy weight. The common parts of a well-woman exam include:
physical exam
breast exam
pap smear and/or pelvic exam
update and review of medical history
update on work and life activities
update on medications, immunizations, and supplements
evaluation of required screening tests, like a cervical cancer screening

What are the benefits of physician-supervised weight loss management plan?

Losing and managing weight can be challenging. Sometimes, food preferences and busy lifestyles interfere with diet plans that are designed for a general population. When a patient asks a doctor for help, she is not only asking for assistance in making a positive change to her diet and exercise habits, but she is also allowing someone to hold her accountable for those decisions. The doctor will discuss what the patient’s goals are and develop an eating plan and suggest exercise. Then the patient and doctor will meet on a regular basis to monitor progress and make adjustments to prevent a plateau. Dr. Vanderloos will also ensure that the changes are healthy and manageable.

What does a weight loss management plan include?

First, patients undergo a physical exam which often includes blood tests and other lab work to check for possible nutritional deficiencies or medical issues that could be contributing to weight gain. A complete medical history can also provide important information. Next, patients will be asked to provide information about their dietary habits, lifestyles, and food preferences so a customized plan can be developed for their needs. Finally, routine office visits will be scheduled to ensure the patient stays on track and healthy throughout the course of treatment.

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