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Women who suffer from persistent problems with sexuality can seek advice and treatment from Dr. Vanderloos. Her practice is conveniently located in Shreveport, LA and she welcomes patients from in and around the city.

What is sexual dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction is a persistent and recurring issue with sexual response, desire, orgasm or pain that affects your relationship. Sexual response is a combination of many factors including the body, emotions, experience, and relationships. Disruption to any part of a person’s sexuality can affect the way she reacts sexually. Many women experience issues with their sexual function at some point during their lives for any number of reasons. Dr. Vanderloos will work with you to identify the cause of the problem and provide treatment to address it, improving your sexual response.

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What causes sexual dysfunction?

The reasons for sexual dysfunction can be categorized as physical, hormonal, and psychological and social. Physical causes could include any number of conditions including cancer, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and bladder problems. Some of the treatments for medical conditions have side effects related to sexual function. For example, antidepressants, chemotherapy, some blood pressure medications and antihistamines can decrease sexual desire and inhibit the body’s ability to orgasm. Hormonal issues are often linked to decreased levels of estrogen in women. Decreased estrogen leads to decreased blood flow to the genital region which can result in a woman needing more time to build arousal and reach fulfillment. Hormonal changes can also result in the lining of the vagina becoming thinner and less elastic as well as dryness which can cause intercourse to be painful. The psychological and social causes of sexual dysfunction include issues like untreated depression or anxiety, a history of abuse, stress or ongoing conflicts with your partner. Once Dr. Vanderloos determines the cause of the issues, she will work with you to make the necessary changes to restore sexual function.

What treatments are available?

The treatment will depend on the cause of the issue. If the cause is hormonal, Dr. Vanderloos could suggest hormone therapy to boost estrogen levels. Sometimes prescription medication can help underlying medical or hormonal issues. There may also be lifestyle changes that could improve sexual function including improving communication with your partner, making healthier choices when it comes to diet and exercise. There are also a variety of lubricants and aids that could help improve sexual function. Dr. Vanderloos will provide confidential advice and treatment to help you restore your sexuality.

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